Senior Merchandise Planner

Return to Planning & Allocation

Filled 12/2023

Sr. Merchandise Planner- Leading Retailer with annual revenues of over
$5 billion, supporting 1300+ stores.


Competencies & Qualifications:

Ability to analyze, understand and anticipate market and industry trends, competitors' tactics, the consequences and implications of situations and demonstrates passion and innovation to ensure competitive advantage

  • Formulates seasonal, merchandise plans at department and class levels, in partnership with merchant teams.  Blanancing the mix of value vs. closeout businesses.  
  • Cultivates teamwork and collaboration by developing, communicating, partnering and personally executing to goals that are aligned with the brand strategy.
    Develops sales, inventory and margin forecasts at department and class levels. Evaluates plans on a rolling review schedule and develops recommendations for changes appropriate with the business.
  • 5 years in retail (soft or hard lines), as a Manager or Sr. Merchandise planner.
  • Strong systems skills with experience in managing and reporting data in such environments as Excel, Powerpoint, NSB (STS/MMS), JDA, SAP.
  • BA/BS Degree Required


Summary of primary duties and responsibilities

  • Partners with Buyer to develop strategic vision of department.
  • Collaborates with Buyer to architect detail class plans that integrates vision, pricing, advertising support, with merchandise flow across time and store population to achieve financial objectives.
  • Identifies opportunities or disparities using trend information.
  • Continually updates in season forecast to react to current business trends, develop upside strategies; prepare contingency plans to drive sales and profit objectives.
  • Formulates a financial plan for each merchandise department that supports detailed unit plans.
  • Identifies and reacts to opportunities to increase sales, improve margin, optimize inventories, and decrease markdowns. Maintains a running financial forecast of sales dollars, margin components and inventory.
  • Recommends pricing and promotional strategies that optimize margin, freshness, and exit strategies, and that balance appropriately with the entire business pricing approach.
  • Ensures broad business strategies and objectives are translated into specific "local" objectives and plans.  This includes alternative assortment needs for large stores and different personality stores, climate alternatives, sizing needs.
  • Presents financial information in a concise, clear, and confident manner.  Articulates key issues and adapts presentation style to suit needs of audience.  Readily communicates important information despite challenges.  Makes a compelling and persuasive case for proposals.
  • Translates large, complex data sets into major points and issues that readily facilitate decision-making and are executable from both a product and logistical perspective..
  • Provides reporting and analysis to important deals and strategies. Continually examines product successes and failures to extract key lessons.
  • Partners with Allocation to ensure distribution methodologies and special strategies (e.g. tiered distribution) are uniformly understood and executed.